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MATTHEWS, joshua christian

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MATTHEWS, joshua christian

Post by JOSH CHRISTIAN MATTHEWS on Thu Jul 01, 2010 9:09 am

Joshua Christian Matthews

Hello there. Nice to see you here! What's your name again?

Joshua Christian Matthews

Interesting! But it's way too long. What do people tend to call you? I'm sure you've got other names too.

Just Josh.

Sounds cool! I would really like to know your birth date, if you don't mind?

21st of april 1993

Sorry, but I'm not really good at maths. How old does that make you?

17 miss.

So, does that mean that you've got driving license already? Are you working already or are you still stuck in high school or college?

I am in College but I do have drivers license....

Okay, I don't wanna sound rude, but what's your race?


And where do you live right now? In a private house or apartment?

my own apartment

What about your family? How are they doing?

I don't know they are sort of dead...

Okay, I want to know more about you now! What are things you really like?

well I like parties but also to be a loner.

We've got same taste! Funny even. And what do you dislike?

people who hate each 0ther without any reason.

Really? I hate raisins, in case you are interested! Strange, huh? And I'm sure you've got some weird quirks and habits too! Can you tell me some of those?

I am a bit of a loner dunno if thats weird..

Now, I really want to hear some more about your personality. Can you tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses too?

My weakness isn't found yet but i guess a girl of school makes me. and my strength is control of my lifestyle.

You seem really interesting! I like you. Hey, you are so much like to that actor/actress... I don't remember name...

paul wesley?

Yeah, that's who I meant! Wait, is it your natural color of hair? Or is it dyed?


And what about eyes? What's your eye color?


They are pretty! And have you got any scars or piercings?

no not as far as i know.

You look very slim, by the way. How much do you weigh? And how tall are you?

Don't know I work out a lot you know...

I'm slimmer than you! Haha! Okay, now, I bet I'm more educated too! Can you tell me about your education more?

I am learning for being a journalist

Well, you are educated indeed. And what about your jobs?

I am a trainee at the newspaper office near college.

I would like to hear some more about your past. Can you tell me about your childhood and youth?

Its a bit vague I try to forget you see but my childhood was great only child and no paraents since my tenth birthday i lived with my uncle and he raised me like a son he died too. I am the only one left and I try not to be.


Hayley you can say hayles xD or Haylez Razz

answer here.

How can we contact you?

my e-mail or phone but you need to ask me if you want it.

If you don't mind me asking, what's your gender?


Do you have any other characters here?

Hayley Anna Johnson

Can I see your role playing sample, please?
I drove near my old highschool when a red haired girl flamed aside. I stopped the car to look at the flamed girl. She looked far too pretty probabl too good for me. She doesn't look human i mean who has got hair like that in a human way?!?

I made a picture with my cellphone and mailed it to my friend (scarlett lewis )maybe he could tell me who she is... I started the car again and went off to college. Not hoping to see any of those cheerleaders cause thay are always hunting me. I waited for a textmessage from her so she could tell me who the girl is.
role playing sample here. no less than one good paragraph.

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Re: MATTHEWS, joshua christian

Post by Guest on Thu Jul 01, 2010 11:11 am


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