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DECARLO, damien alexander

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DECARLO, damien alexander

Post by DAMIEN ALEXANDER DECARLO on Tue Jul 13, 2010 6:38 am


    * BASICS !
    with every consequence it's your defense on why it's mine.

    FULL NAME:Damien Alexander DeCarlo
    NICK NAMES: Damien
    AGE: 30
    BIRTHDAY: April 1st, 1980
    GENDER: Male
    RACE: Shifter (Viper)
    SEXUALITY: Straight
    FACE CLAIM: Randy Orton

    and i could take it if i knew just why i waste my time with you.

    PERSONALITY: Cold hearted, remorseless, vindictive. Has Intermiant Explosive Disorder, temper problems, hears voices, only cares for his girlfriend Constance and their three year old daughter Alanna

    * HISTORY !
    tell me everything i want to hear and nothing more.

    FAMILY: A daughter named Alanna, age 3
    HOMETOWN: Redrose

    * ALL THE REST !
    i never knew that you could choose to love someone then change your mind.

    YOUR NAME: Samantha
    YOUR GENDER: Female
    YOUR AGE: 18
    ROLE PLAY EXPERIENCE: over a year
    Hurry up....come on, let's dump him before he croaks...

    The two men quickly parked their van outside the entrance to the hospital and dragged out what it held, a thin blonde who had clearly been starved and tortured, among other things. The half-dead man moaned when he hit the hard asphalt but the two men didn't care, to them he was already dead.

    Let's get out of here one of the men whispered nervously But he isn't dead yet the other muttered He will be soon, come on they quickly jumped into the van and drove away, leaving the blonde shivering and shaking on the empty street.

    Bleary blue eyes struggled to focus on the lighted entrance that was a mere twenty feet away and a weak croak emerged from his throat he whispered in vain, for there was no one to hear him. How long had he waited for a moment like this, to be so close to help? But now he was so weak he couldn't move twenty feet and get help, he was going to die out here, alone, without having ever seen the man he loved again, his beloved Adam.

    Addy... Jay's eyes filled with tears as he thought of the man he hadn't seen in what felt like an eternity. How long had it been since he'd been snatched from the arena the night after Adam had won the title from that upstart Swagger? Was Adam still looking for him? Jay wished he knew, he wished Adam were there even now, but he wouldn't last the night....

    "A-Addy...." he whispered to the night sky as his body began to shut down at last "I...I" finally broken, he fell into unconsciousness and lay limp on the pavement. Half an hour later, he was discovered and rushed inside, more dead than alive. He had no ID on him, but one nurse recognized him from television and his contact info was located.

    Across town.....

    Adam was still struggling to sleep in the large, all too empty bed when the phone began to ring.

    "Hello?" he whispered groggily, bolting upright at the words he heard next "Mr. Copeland, this is Mercy Hospital, we've found your boyfriend Jay...but he's not expected to last the night."

    this template was made by * cheesecake ! of CAUTION 2.0?. the small amount of lyrics used were from the song 'something i said' by safetysuit. colors are credit to the all time wonder color schemer. if you use this without this credit, cheesecake will be coming after you with an army of halloween sporks! kthanxbai.[/color]

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Re: DECARLO, damien alexander

Post by Guest on Tue Jul 13, 2010 2:23 pm


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