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LEWIS, scarlett luna

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LEWIS, scarlett luna

Post by SCARLETT LUNA LEWIS on Fri Jun 18, 2010 12:07 pm


Hello there. Nice to see you here! What's your name again?

Scarlett Luna Lewis

Interesting! But it's way too long. What do people tend to call you? I'm sure you've got other names too.

Scar or Luna, Scar mainly.

Sounds cool! I would really like to know your birth date, if you don't mind?

30th January 1987

Sorry, but I'm not really good at maths. How old does that make you?


So, does that mean that you've got driving license already? Are you working already or are you still stuck in high school or college?

I go to collage; I study music, drama & Dance, I drive and have a part time job as a waitress.

Okay, I don't wanna sound rude, but what's your race?

I'm a human.

And where do you live right now? In a private house or apartment?

I live in an appartment

What about your family? How are they doing?

It's just me, my parents were killed in the series of strange deaths here in Redrose.

Okay, I want to know more about you now! What are things you really like?

I really like singing & dancing. I am a good cook and love to socialize. I really enjoy just hanging around with my mates. I have a cat called Cookie, which I love very much.

We've got same taste! Funny even. And what do you dislike?

I hate spiders and all types of bugs. I also hate thunder, lightening and I'm quite claustraphobic. I hate Prunes, Beans, Pea and most other veg.

Really? I hate raisins, in case you are interested! Strange, huh? And I'm sure you've got some weird quirks and habits too! Can you tell me some of those?

I tend to just drift off into my own world for no apperent reason. I jump at the sound of loud noises and try in my spare time to find out how my parents died, but never get anywere.

Now, I really want to hear some more about your personality. Can you tell me some of your strengths and weaknesses too?

I'm very, very Bubbly and tend to overreact at most things, but I'm quite sensitive. I don't tend to be too shy, I get my point accross and I'm very curious.

You seem really interesting! I like you. Hey, you are so much like to that actor/actress... I don't remember name...

Taylor Swift

Yeah, that's who I meant! Wait, is it your natural color of hair? Or is it dyed?

My hairs blonde and It is natural Wink

And what about eyes? What's your eye color?

Greeny Hazel.

They are pretty! And have you got any scars or piercings?

I have a scar on my right arm but I don't know what from.

You look very slim, by the way. How much do you weigh? And how tall are you?

I weigh 110lbs and my hieght is 5'5.

I'm slimmer than you! Haha! Okay, now, I bet I'm more educated too! Can you tell me about your education more?

I study dance, drama and music, I also study geography. I can play a range of instruments, but people say I'm an amzing singer though I don't think so myself.

Well, you are educated indeed. And what about your jobs?

I work as a waitress part time in a local cafe.

I would like to hear some more about your past. Can you tell me about your childhood and youth?

I didn't get much of a childhood because I lost my parents when I was 4 years old, the same time I got my scar I think and so most of my childhood was spent in a foster home, I never did get fostered. So when I turned 16 I moved out and back to Redrose.


What your name or nickname?

I'm Zoe. Most people call me Cherry Coke coz' my hairs the same colour as the dink apperently. Smile

How can we contact you?

By E-mail,

If you don't mind me asking, what's your gender?

I'm Female.

Do you have any other characters here?

No I don't, Yet.

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Re: LEWIS, scarlett luna

Post by KATIE on Fri Jun 18, 2010 4:01 pm


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