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VALDES, valentine violet

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VALDES, valentine violet

Post by VALENTINE VIOLET VALDES on Thu Jun 10, 2010 4:57 pm


    * BASICS !
    with every consequence it's your defense on why it's mine.

    FULL NAME: Valentine Violet Valdes
    NICK NAMES: Val, V, Moody, Blue-eyed angel
    AGE: Twenty
    BIRTHDAY: June Seventh
    GENDER: Female
    RACE: Faerie
    SEXUALITY: Heterosexual
    CANON OR ORIGINAL: Canon [Valdes 3]
    FACE CLAIM: Alexis Bledel

    and i could take it if i knew just why i waste my time with you.

    PERSONALITY: Valentine is very soft-hearted person. She's very kind and enjoys helping people. But she's very melancholic and is always feeling sad and lonely. She thinks that no one really understands or loves her, and feels all alone in this world. Valentine is very loving and loyal person. Valentine physically is very weak, but in fact she's very determined and strong-willed, and the one people can easily count on. Though, Valentine is a bit afraid of people, she's still very kind to everyone. Also, she's very honest person.

    * HISTORY !
    tell me everything i want to hear and nothing more.

    FAMILY: Valdes 1 (father), Valdes 2 (stepmother), Valdes 4 (stepbrother).
    HOMETOWN: London

    * ALL THE REST !
    i never knew that you could choose to love someone then change your mind.

    YOUR NAME: Katie
    YOUR GENDER: Female
    YOUR AGE: Fourteen
    Vienna almost never had time for herself. She tried to pay herself and her appearance as much attention as possible, because her job needed it. But in fact, she didn't really care too much about her looks, or anything else. She spent almost all of her free time at home. She didn't even like that parties and nightclubs. But she sometimes did visit them, but it was just because she wanted to have some fun, but in fact she prefer being at home. Quiet, peaceful. Laying on the bed with headphones in her ears, listening to music, or watching a good movie in a TV.

    But, still, there were times when Vienna preferred going out in the town then sitting at home. When she needed to eat. Vienna never ate at home, especially never cooked. She hated it. She always went out in the cafe or restaurant to eat some food. It was just easier. But she almost always went there alone. Sometimes she called her friends too, but it was seldom.

    Today was the usual day for Vienna. From morning till afternoon - at her job, at afternoon - little dinner at cafe, from afternoon till evening - at home. And now it was time for a supper. Vienna decided to go to a restaurant. It was her favorite one, they always had awesome food. Vienna got dressed quickly, putting on her favorite black shirt and slim jeans, and high-heel boots on her feet. Vienna looked in the mirror for some minutes and combed her hair. Then she was all ready to go.

    Vienna opened the door of the apartment and rushed down on the stairs. She went out in the street and took a deep breath. She stopped and waved hand for the taxi. Vienna sat into the taxi and after ten minutes she was already at the restaurant. Vienna got out of the taxi quickly and went to the restaurant.

    The door opened and Vienna was already in the restaurant. It looked amazing and in fact, it was Vienna's favorite restaurant. Vienna walked to the free seat slowly and sat at the table. She closed her eyes lightly and waited for the waitress to approach her table.

    this template was made by * cheesecake ! of CAUTION 2.0?. the small amount of lyrics used were from the song 'something i said' by safetysuit. colors are credit to the all time wonder color schemer. if you use this without this credit, cheesecake will be coming after you with an army of halloween sporks! kthanxbai.[/color]

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Re: VALDES, valentine violet

Post by KATIE on Thu Jun 10, 2010 5:07 pm


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