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Just another day..At the mall [Amber]

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Just another day..At the mall [Amber]

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 21, 2010 10:35 am

Karsey couldn't be kept inside anymore. She really missed her boyfriend and sitting in the house thinking about him DIDN'T help at all. She decided to drive her self to the mall. She made her way to her red beat up pick up, that really needed a new paint job, but her boyfriends dad hadn't got around to doing it like he said. She sighed and just drove, listning to her favorite music, Country, and keeping her eyes on the road.

Soon she reached the mall, locked her truck, and trudged her self sadly and absent-mindedly into the large shopping center. She sighed stlightly as she started to walk around. Her black hair was in its usual ponytail, and she was wearing a blue A&F jacket with a blue jean skirt and blue Converse. She knew she wasn't exactly stylish but she could care less. She made her way into the A&F store. She sensed other shifters, like her self there, and humans, vampires..All of the species. They were all mixed together in this huge place like always.

(PS: I'm sorry it took so long to get this up!)


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Re: Just another day..At the mall [Amber]

Post by Guest on Wed Jul 21, 2010 4:46 pm

Amber sat in her dorm, staring out the window. The dorm was empty and quiet. Amz could only hear her radio. She looked over at the calendar, she had nothing to do today. She got up and sighed. She grabbed her bag and jacket and headed out the door. She was going to the mall. Halls where full, she smiled and nodded to the people, to be polite. She didn't know have of them. She heard of them but hadn't talked to any.

As soon as she reached the door she was kicking her self for not bringing her umbrella. She could see the black cloud but it wasn't raing when she was looking out the window. Luckily the mall wasn't too far away but she had to run. She didn't want to waste her money on a taxi plus if she counted the traffic it was quicker.She wasn't drenched as she used her hood.She went into the mall and thought about which shop to go into first.


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