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just a piece of a story

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just a piece of a story Empty just a piece of a story

Post by HAYLEY on Tue Oct 12, 2010 4:17 am


This story is real and old. It was in the time of archers and farmers and castles and knights. I saved most of the time someone else’s life and never thought about the dangerous things I’ve done to myself and others around me so my apologies if you ever gonna read this on your own. For the ones who died for me I loved you very much even though I said nasty things its true. Well that was a bi soft of me but the truth must be told whether its me or someone else. My truth is what I’ve heard and seen so no conclusions. I have been an awful person and when you read this dead as well but if it begins to get too much please stop reading cause I don’t want people to hate me even though the ending is quiet good. Well first an introduction of me and the story so you won’t be in some kind of confusions. My name is Nicola Johnson and I was an heir to the throne of my father.

Of course my uncle wanted the throne to be his son’s and his son hated me and my parents and thought the same thing. He had always opinions about me and I became sick and tired of it. I taught myself archery and became one of the best female archers in my city. I ran away from home once in a while and went downtown to compete in archery contests. I won a few times until my cousin found out that I did it and told my parents what he saw. My parents were as angry as hell and took my bow and arrows. They burned them and told me not to be in town again. In the weekends the family of lord Edward came by to visit mine. I always liked Edward as a brother. But my mother wanted me to be as charming as I could to let him asking me to marry him but I was scared of him when he looked angry at me with his black eyes. He had a pale white skin and always scared the hell out of me. His whole family was pale white and looked as the same people as they were when I was little something my parents didn’t notice at all. Their golden eyes were hypnotizing me and my family sometimes but as I became older their family grew bigger. The man and woman had 5 teenagers as children.

There was a little girl with black short hair and a sweet little face called Alice. The other girl was called Rosalie and I hated her just because of her ego she had long blonde curly hair. She thought that the world turned around her and thought also that she was the most beautiful girl in the world. Her boyfriend was like huge really huge like a wall. He had very big muscles and was always hunting my cat. I don’t know why but my parents did somehow his name was Emmett he had short almost bald black hair and always showed potential in sports. The other guy looked like an army brat. Te knights also looked like that when they were done with being one at all. Their children traveled with them and were called army brats. He had blonde curly hair and was called Jasper. He was somehow emotionally connected with Alice. Lord Edward was one of the special guys as my mother called him she always told me that he was alone and he needed a girlfriend. I always rejected her offer but most of the time watched him as well. He was very weird he had a hair color you call bronze . His golden eyes turned black when he got angry and that was the clue for me to look the other way. His parents were the most sweetest people you might could imagine. They were young and told my parents that they adopted the 5 children.

They were called Esme and Carlisle. Esme was very careful with me when my mother asked her to do my hair for the party. Esme told stories about people Carlisle saved by just being the doctor. I always listened to her but never said a word. Esme had brown curly hair and a sweet face. Carlisle always had blonde hair and a serious look on his face that showed some kind of worries. Edward looked like he hated me and always whispered and argued with Carlisle. I felt guilty somehow and one day went to my room with a knife. My long blonde hair was laying on my butt. I took the knife and cut it of until it was hanging on my shoulders. My green eyes looked shocked at the hair that was laying on the floor. I ignored my face and walked outside. I took a black top and a pants which I cut so it looked like an short and I mean really short pants. I took a piece of matter and put it in my bag so I could bind some wounds if I made them. I walked out of the castle around midnight and that’s where my story started.

Chapter one.
I walked down from the stairs hoping no one would see me. I looked back a few times and walked out of the doors. My parents already burned my bow and arrows so I planned to go to Anastasia she was an elf and made from a good material bow and arrows. She used some kind of elf stuff where I was really jealous at. I went downtown as the clock of the tower pointed at midnight. I smiled and walked through the city looking back often so I was sure not being followed. I loved the city and enjoyed a drink in the pub. I would really miss John and his bear or bloody Mary’s. He never wanted to tell me the secret but I respected that. I enjoyed my bloody Mary while sitting in a crowded pub. ‘’ So miss Nicola do they know that you are here? ‘’ John asked smiling.

‘’ Of course not John I’m running away you see but I wanted to take a goodbye before you were thinking I would be missing or something please swear that you never are gonna tell them where I am ‘’ I said begging. He smiled and pointed at the crowd. ‘’ No one recognized you since you cut your hair so it will be fine and beside I am short of memory. ‘’ he smiled again while taking my empty glass. I smiled then heard a door kicked open. I looked behind me and saw Edward with his golden eyes looking around. ‘’ Damn not him ‘’ I whispered and slightly moved away from the bar while he was walking the other way. I heard his musically voice asking where someone had seen me. Damn they knew that I escaped. I walked out of the back and demanded the guard to open the gate. He did it and I walked out while looking behind me. Edward must have been in the pub. I smiled evilly and walked into the forest.

And without any sound Edward was standing in front of me. ‘’ Nice escape ‘’ he said sarcastically at me. I walked away as he came standing in front of me again. ‘’ What do you want Edward ‘’ I said not smiling like him. He looked serious now. ‘’ Go home your parents will miss you ‘’ he said whispering. I laughed out loud and then looked back at him. ‘’ No I am going to Anastasia and that’s final! ‘’ I said and walked away and he was standing there again. ‘’ Then just let me escort you princess it is dangerous outside without weapons ‘’ he said brave. I rolled my eyes and walked away from him. ‘’ you are going the wrong way ‘’ he raised an eyebrow and looked at me. I yawned and walked the other way hoping he haven’t seen my head getting red like a tomato. ‘’ Why are you doing this I thought you hated me and you don’t have weapons yourself ‘’ I said yawning again damn I was tired. He smiled and threw a bottle of water at me. I threw it back as he looked confused at me. ‘’ I don’t want to get poisoned.

And I already had some ‘’ I shrugged my shoulders and walked away. He followed me still thinking that he needed to. I turned around and looked in his golden innocent eyes. ‘’ Those eyes can be your dead ‘’ I whispered and turned around as I heard a noise. ‘’ What the.. ‘’ Edward took my arm and dragged me into the bushes. I looked curiously who made the noise and saw a few guards from our castle and a dog walking through. The dog sniffed almost where we were. I looked at Edward hoping that he had a plan but he made a weird sound that the dog made turning around and walking back. I looked at him with a anxious look and crouched away from the knights and Edward. I noticed a white horse drinking some water. I walked at it slowly and went sitting next to it. It didn’t cared about it and I played with the water. ‘’ I just want freedom that’s all ‘’ I whispered as I looked at the horse. It had a necklace with a silver star and purple liquid in it. It must have been a horse from Anastasia cause they were famous with their silver jewelry with purple liquid. I smiled and looked for the elf that must have been his or her owner but no success. I sighed and grabbed a rock. Maybe I could kill myself with it and that an elf will find me and made me one as well that would be awesome but stupid at the same time.

Edward noticed something about me cause he was standing next to me and the horse. The horse noticed Edward and ran away. ‘’ Nice now even the horses hate me ‘’ I complained to him. He laughed silently and gave me a white thing that felt soft and looked like a cookie. I looked at him questioning but he just wanted me to have it. ‘’ Are you gonna poison me? ‘’ I asked confused. He shook his head and looked away his fist in his mouth. I took the cookie thing and looked away as well. ‘’ Thank you ‘’ I whispered as he smiled at me a bit but then looked away again. I noticed that the horse was standing with the trees looking at Edward with a sort of angry look. I stood up and walked at the horse. He didn’t walked away when I arrived. ‘’ you are a real beauty you knew that? ‘’ I asked smiling while petting it. I saw a woman coming at us with a white dress and pointy ears and black hair with a hair band made of elf silver and blue diamonds.

She looked at me with a curious look and smiled afterwards. I still had my cloak on and the hood over my head. The elf petted the horse then walked at me. I felt frozen and didn’t want to move either. ‘’ Hello princess of Blue noon tower ‘’ the elf said with a smile. I smiled back while looking for my words. ‘’ Hello miss….’’ I started. ‘’ Aria just Aria ‘’ she said smiling. I nodded and looked at the river. Edward was gone I looked shocked, did he ran away to betray me? He wouldn’t would he?. I looked back at the elf which was holding her bow and arrow ready with a angry look. Her arrows were made of elf stuff very rare and great. Even walls will open up when you shoot an arrow at it. I looked around and saw Edward in a fighting position looking at miss Aria. I looked shocked at both of them and held the horse close with me. Yes I was a coward but that was very easy to be if you could see Edward like that he looked like a monster. The elf was graceful and pointed with an arrow at Edward. I grabbed my breath she wasn’t trying to kill him was she? She couldn’t he was a good guy not one o kill but the way he looked was freaking me out. ‘’ ’’ she whispered. Edward looked confused he probably didn’t know what she was saying well neither did I.

She kept talking like that probably elf language. ‘’‘’I looked at the woman the horse was still looking forward probably an order. I tried to calm them down. ‘’ people sorry to interrupt but what are you doing? ‘’ I wasn’t curious just careful. Edward made a really scary sound as I backed down. ‘’ take the horse he will bring you to Anastasia. ‘’ the elf said with her melodious voice. I jumped on the horse as Edward wanted to follow me but the elf blocked his way. The horse started running very fast as they both faded away. The only thin I saw was Edwards teeth and the elf making her ready to attack. The horse kept running until I heard his feet fading away and fell asleep. I woke up in a bed with context around my head and my ribs. I tried to sit down but the pain was to bad. I heard footsteps and saw the woman from the forest with a small scratch on her arm. She sat down on my bed and unwrapped the context of my head.

‘’ you slept well? ‘’ she asked sweetly. ‘’ guess so ‘’ I answered not daring to move myself again. ‘’ how did I get those bruises? ‘’ I asked a bit confused not knowing when my ribs were bruised. ‘’ the vampire got away and tried to pull you off my horse but I fought him a bit as he ran away from Anastasia. ‘’ the elf smiled and gave me a necklace from a silver box. ‘’ What’s that? ‘’ I asked confused. ‘’ your immortality necklace ‘’ she said smiling while putting the necklace on carefully. ‘’ Im… what? ‘’ I asked confused. She smiled while handing me the mirror. I looked in it and saw my ears huge and pointy, My eyes were fire red and my face pale white.

I looked at the woman which had aqua blue eyes and a normal color face but pointy ears. ‘’ what am I? ‘’ I asked confused. ‘’ A hybrid quarter vampire 3 quarters elf ‘’ she said and pointed at my eyes. ‘’ The only thing that makes you a hybrid are your eyes and strength. You are completely elf except those eyes. ‘’ She smiled and helped me up on my feet my ribs didn’t hurt anymore so I unwrapped them out of the context. I snapped my fingers and a flame came up. I shook my hands and it was gone. ‘’ I was on fire! ‘’ I said a bit scared.

its not finished yet though...

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